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Hmmmm....something is amiss!

Interested in where the candidates stand on issues that affect Chatham County? Use this handy tool from the League of Women Voters to check out the local races. But you'll notice that something is missing. What can we expect of a candidate for County Commissioner who does not show up at meetings, serves on zero local boards and does not take the time to answer questions that our community is interested in? Probably more of the same. If you want to know what a person will do in the future, chances are you'll get a pretty good idea by looking at what they are doing now.

Mike Dasher, Franklin Gomez Flores and I were showing up for Chatham before we were elected and will continue to do so once we are all in office. It's our commitment to you and to this place we call home. We find time to do the things that are important to us and Chatham is top of that list for us.

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