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Having Visions

I once read that sight is what we see when our eyes are open and vision is what we see with them closed. I highly recommend that all elected leaders be required to have visions. Here is mine for a strong, healthy, inclusive Chatham:

I envision a Chatham where economic development strategies are more focussed on opportunity and autonomy for all than on the acquisition of wealth for a few,

Where our commitment to education, the arts and the health and well-being of our residents is demonstrated by the things we invest in.

I envision a Chatham that is an open and welcoming place for thought, creativity and innovations of all kinds,

Where diverse populations join together to collaborate for the benefit of the entire county,

Where our green spaces, farms, trees, rivers, lakes and streams are protected and cherished as we grow and evolve into consistently better incarnations of our present self.

And I envision a Chatham where we always consider ourselves to be the custodians of this beautiful place for the benefit of future generations

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